Don’t Tell Me the Odds

How common am I? Statistically speaking, I mean. And let’s limit things to just physical, in-born traits — nothing political or socioeconomic for now. If it’s within my control, it doesn’t count; I… Read more »


I’m not well-versed in religious studies, so it might’ve been rubbish for all I know, but a friend recently expressed a notion around the Buddhist hierarchy of care. First, care… Read more »

Name and Shame

I got to spend some time this week with someone I know from the Internet. In these situations, there’s a funny yet predictable thing that happens—we meet, in person, and… Read more »

Real Fiction

I recently finished reading John Scalzi’s Redshirts. I recommend it. Three quarters of the book is a fairly entertaining send-up of Star Trek in much the same way that Galaxy… Read more »

I Resign

I’ve held eight jobs related to programming or software over the years. For three of them, my leaving was involuntary — a natural result of being a contractor for a… Read more »


The end of the year makes for such a good checkpoint, doesn’t it? Around this time last year, I found myself reflecting on having purpose in life. It was shortly… Read more »