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I'm a front-end web developer, author, and general oddball. I curate RCRDList, write some stories, and make animal noises on Twitter.
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A Deal is Made Over Brunch
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This story was written for the January 1st NeoGAF Writing Challenge. The theme was “makes sense”.

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The end of the year makes for such a good checkpoint, doesn’t it?

And Sons
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This story was written for the December 15th NeoGAF Writing Challenge. The theme was “homecoming”.

The Excited Stoic
under business

Derek Wyatt is one of my mentors/motivators when it comes to doing business things. A while back, when I was really struggling for motivation and perspective, he suggested a few books that I could read. I didn’t have to read them all, just the ones that I thought spoke to the problem I was having.

On Wage Transparency: My Pay History
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Today (April 14th; yes it’s late but it still counts) is Equal Pay Day. Coming up often in the conversation is the notion that, in order to avoid perpetuating the differences in pay, people need to be more transparent about their salaries. Especially among coworkers; if I’m working with someone, doing the same work at the same level, and he’s getting $20k more than me every year, something is direly wrong.

In Defense of Newbies
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We had a good Launch Day at work today, which calls for celebratory Buffalo wings. As I was waiting around at Fire on the Mountain, the above tweet popped up.