About the Writer

A coworker once described me as “not odd, just Portland odd.” I think that sums it up pretty well.


My idea of “fantasy writing” involves putting talking animal people in the modern world, then tweaking everything else so it makes some amount of sense. My first furry story was published in my high school arts magazine, with later credits going more towards poetry.

Over the following years, my focus has moved to longer-form stories. I now consider myself mainly a novelist; my first book, The Latte Segment, came out early 2016. Future releases will depend on the whims and vagarities of the publishing industry.


I’ve been doing web development, in one form or another, since 2008. My first visible project was a redesign and re-engineering of the site for Signatures, my college’s arts and literature magazine. Since then, I’ve moved from the world of PHP and jQuery to the world of C# and AngularJS, then to a fully front-end ReactJS world.

Much of my programming time has—unofficially—been spent with project management tasks. My Software Engineering degree is basically project management with a bit of coding, so I’ve been willing and able to fill in that role when the gap’s existed. I now offer that work freelance.


Like many programmers, I was a bit of a geek growing up—a bit of video games, a bit of sci-fi. As I’ve grown up, I’ve veered more towards music as a point of interest, picking up drums and now playing as part of a post-rock band.

I’m a frequent quizzer and general fan of trivia. I’ve always found that it provides a broader context on the world and helps fuel creativity. A good knowledge level in trivia means a good body of things to pull from. (Plus, it’s fun to realize you know things.)

Hupfen—well, hüpfen more accurately—is the German verb for “to hop.” Makes sense for a rabbit.