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I’ve received praise throughout my career both for my technical capacity and for my ability to explain my work across departments. I regularly became the designated writer on teams. My output included documentation, onboarding, executive summaries, and more. They were always well-received, thanks to my mix of approachable detail, concise research, and friendly personality. That skill in the office easily translated to writing personably and technically outside the office as well.


Two Tokens and a Cat: working with two-factor authentication

The Recompiler, Issue 2

I responded to a call for proposals with a friendly look at two-factor authentication, a powerful way to secure your online presence. I look at use cases, the surprisingly-familiar history of the concept, and offer some practical pointers and gotchas about the technology. All of this was designed to stay in line with The Recompiler’s goal of making technology friendly and accessible without dumbing it down.

Various Articles

The Codex

I was asked to contribute articles to this culture and technology publication. I focused on being personal, whether in reaction to politics or a particularly impactful novel. In all cases, I worked to keep in line with The Codex’s objective of providing distinct perspectives on the world at large.

The Latte Segment

A self-published novel set in an alternate-universe Portland still dealing with the same class and gentrification problems. I wrote the book as a way of sorting out my own thoughts on some complicated issues, along with providing another voice to the furry writing community.

Technology Talks

Talks aimed at programmers and other technologists, broadly focusing on writing and communications skills.



Senior Software Engineer, 2015-2017

  • Produced technology research and assessment reports for fellow developers
  • Wrote executive summary for proposed project to obtain C-suite buy-in
  • Created technical documentation for new hire onboarding
  • Documented design of in-development framework as it was being developed


Lead Front End Developer, 2014-2015

  • Wrote and presented executive report regarding proposed technology directions
  • Trained fellow developers on front-end development procedure and philosophy

Transfer Online

Software Engineer, 2014

  • Designed and developed software interface allowing company to work on UN initiatives

Titan Coding

Web Developer, 2013-2014

  • Led new software initiatives, expanding company’s platform offerings
  • Designed and wrote copy for new company website


Masters of Media, Journalism & Communications

Western University, London ON; projected graduation 2018

Bachelors of Science, Software Engineering; Minor in Creative Writing and Computer Science

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY; graduated 2011