• RCRDList

    RCRDList highlights a different interesting and obscure album every day. I do the curation, along with a handful of other music fans and experts, and I’m responsible for all of the project’s web presence and marketing. It was started as a marketing tool for RCRDBox, but it took on a life of its own. It’s now got over 1,800 subscribers.

  • Twitch

    As practice in broadcast and audience interaction, and a bit of fun, I took up streaming on Twitch. Naturally, much of the content revolves around video games, but I also do regular Creative streams in various topics (software development, music, etc). Within a few months, I built enough of an audience to reach Affiliate status.


  • The Mighty Missoula

    Widescreen music. Instrumental post-rock evoking a nostalgia both tragic and hopeful. For our first EP, Au Nord, I played the drums and helped compose/structure our tracks. The band still exists and plays around Portland.

  • RCRDBox

    RCRDBox sold vinyl records and mystery. Each box contains a grouping of random albums, loosely related and fairly obscure. RCRDBox was initially a subscription service, with a handful of local subscribers, but the scale didn’t pan out. I’ve kicked around ideas for reviving it, though, so we’ll see what happens.

  • Fairwood Studios

    Fairwood Studios was my Rock Band Network authoring company. It was a solo effort, and one I took on even though I never did audio engineering before. The end result was the largest output by a solo author- over 90 songs in 4 years, relationships with a bunch of bands and labels, and even a chance to interview Sir Christopher Lee.

  • Indie Allstars

    In May 2011, I put together a pay-what-you-want music bundle with some of my contacts through Fairwood Studios. It only ran two weeks, but it still sold over 650 copies. I wrote all of the site’s code from scratch; it was a bit rough around the edges, technically and design-wise, but it did what it needed to do.